Portrait photo of Livia Godaert

Livia Godaert

Operations Manager, Communications

I moved to London last year from Washington D.C., where I worked in transatlantic relations and policy communications. I’m so excited to join a team that cares as deeply as I do about protecting an open, trustworthy, and secure global Internet.

I’ve just graduated with my Master’s after doing a deep dive this past year into Internet governance and social media messages about cybersecurity. Before going back to school, I worked at the Atlantic Council, where I managed projects and developed communications campaigns on the EU, UK, and Western Balkans, across various transatlantic policy areas.

I’m passionate about impact-driven storytelling and creative audience engagement, bringing people from all walks of life into complex policy debates – especially around the Internet and other communications technologies – in accessible and interesting ways. I love a good process and the satisfaction of seeing a project through from the initial germ of an idea to the final product.

When I’m not talking about the Internet (or on the Internet), I can probably be found wandering through a museum or exploring a new city with a podcast in my ear.