Announcing our 2022 Research Grantee Cohort

1 February 2023
Wind turbines in a grass field against a blue sky

Announcing our 2022 Research Grantee Cohort – 18 projects examining the future of the Internet.

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Third round of grant funding awarded to researchers studying the future of the Internet

10 January 2022

We are thrilled to award a third round of grant funding through our Research grant program to six exciting projects that examine the future and sustainability of the Internet. Launched in 2020, this program supports a diverse group of researchers around the world who are generating solutions today to meet the Internet challenges of tomorrow. The selected projects…

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The future of e-waste in Africa

24 August 2021
Close up of e-waste in a skip

Driven by the vision on an Internet for Everyone, The Internet Society (ISOC) Zimbabwe Chapter runs programs aimed at making a difference locally, informing policy, and educating the public about Internet-related issues. In collaboration with the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication, they are a 2021 awardee of our Research Grant Programme that examines the impact of the Internet on the environment. We spoke with Dr Vusumuzi Maphosa, lead Researcher and Jasper Mangwana, ISOC Zimbabwe President to learn more about this project and what it hopes to achieve.

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Five questions with Dr. Chomora Mikeka, Greening the Internet Research Programme Grantee

22 April 2021
Wind turbines at sunset

Associate Professor Chomora Mikeka is the Director of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) in the Ministry of Education of Malawi Government, and former Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Malawi. His PhD research was about power autonomous sensor radio based on cellular and digital TV RF energy harvesting. He is a…

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Announcing our new research grants exploring the future of the Internet

1 September 2020
Wind turbines at sunset

We’re announcing the launch of our latest grant programme supporting research on the future and sustainability of the Internet. This programme will be open to independent researchers and research institutions around the world, awarding grants of up to US$200,000 for research lasting up to two years and focused in one of two categories:  Greening the Internet – how the Internet…

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Announcing our new emergency response grant programme with focus on COVID-19

22 April 2020

The Internet Society Foundation has launched a new emergency response grant programme, targeting organizations working on projects that utilize the Internet to improve lives during or in response to an emergency situation. With a 2020 focus on the COVID-19 coronavirus response, the Foundation will solicit grant applications from programmes that respond to the pandemic both during the…

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Supporting Internet Governance Forums

11 February 2020

For more than a decade, the Internet Society (ISOC) has supported multi-stakeholder Internet governance processes around the world by providing funding to the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as well as a number of National and Regional Initiatives (NRIs), and Schools of Internet Governance (SIGs). ISOC remains strongly committed to this important initiative and is…

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