As a supporting organization of the Internet Society (ISOC), the Internet Society Foundation must operate exclusively for the benefit of ISOC and follow special rules under the U.S. tax laws.   These rules prohibit us from making grants to organizations other than those whose mission (i.e. purpose(s) for existing) and activities are all or in part aligned with the purposes and activities of ISOC. We are providing the below to help applicants prepare the necessary information for their application submission.

Note: these requirements do not apply to the following:

  • Applicants to the Beyond the Net program
  • Applicants for Internet Governance Forum events
  • Individuals
  • U.S public colleges and universities

ISOC’s purposes and activities can be found in their articles of incorporation and are detailed further in its mission statement and three areas of focus.  These are summarized as follows:

  1. Facilitate or support the technical evolution of the Internet as a research and education infrastructure
  2. Stimulate the community in the evolution of the Internet or educate them in its use and application
  3. Promote educational applications of the Internet
  4. Help to promote open development, evolution or use of the Internet to benefit people
  5. Connect unconnected communities and individuals to the Internet
  6. Advocate for policy that is consistent with ISOC’s view of the Internet
  7. Advance the development and application of Internet infrastructure, technologies, or open standards, etc.

The Foundation therefore asks applicants to provide evidence of their own mission and activities’ alignment with ISOC’s and to demonstrate that the proposed project clearly fits within one of ISOC’s purposes as outlined above.

For a full list of the Foundation’s eligibility criteria, please visit our Grantee Eligibility webpage.

How You Can Demonstrate Alignment

Each organization is different and so is the available documentation you may have to demonstrate alignment.  On your application form in Fluxx, you will be asked to choose which of the seven ISOC purposes and activities most strongly aligns with your own (there may be more than one).  You then can choose what supporting information you would like to share that most clearly demonstrates alignment.  These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Upload a copy of your:
    • Organizing (i.e. formation) document(s)
    • Recent tax filing

English translations are accepted.

  • Provide a link from your website to your:
    • Mission statement
    • Purpose (i.e. reason) for existing
    • Programs and major activities

If you have questions or concerns about mission and activity alignment, please contact Foundation staff at [email protected]