To ensure transparency and accountability in our grantmaking process, the Foundation works with independent External Reviewers to review, score and provide recommendations on applications submitted for funding. These experts are leading practitioners from across a range of Internet-related fields, including development, policy, security, research and innovation as well as international development.

Once applications have been received and pre-screened by the Foundation team, they are then assigned to our independent External Reviewers. Applications are reviewed by three to five experts who are chosen based on their individual knowledge of the subject matter and/or target country/region. As part of their review, they recommend which applications should be funded and at what funding level, as well as document feedback for the applicant that is compiled and shared by the Foundation. Throughout this process, External Reviewers are required to adhere to the Foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

Once all applications for a funding area or program have been reviewed and final funding decisions made, we share the decisions with each applicant.