We support the global Internet community – researchers, developers, nonprofits, educators and more – through the following grant programs:

BOLT Grant Program

The Building Opportunities/Leveraging Technologies (BOLT) Grant Program supports technical and social innovations that promote Internet connectivity.

Resiliency Grant Program

The Resiliency Grant Program provides support for communities to be prepared for and reconnect to the Internet quickly after climate-related disasters strike.

Research Grant Program

The Research Grant Program supports global research collaborations that advance understanding of the Internet and its value for all.

SCILLS Grant Program

The Strengthening Communities/Improving Lives and Livelihoods (SCILLS) Grant Program expands economic growth and increases educational opportunities by supporting individuals and communities to more knowledgeably and skillfully use the Internet.

We also manage several funding areas targeted specifically towards the Internet Society community:

Community Funding

Beyond the Net Large Grant Program

The Beyond the Net Large Grant Program offers funding to support Internet Society Chapters to implement innovative projects that make a local…

Beyond the Net Small Grant Program

The Beyond the Net Small Grant Program offers funding to support Internet Society Chapters to implement short-term projects with a goal of providing learning…

Chapter Admin Funding

The Chapter Admin Funding program offers annual funding to support Internet Society chapters to manage their day-to-day activities and to maximise their effectiveness.

Internet Governance Forum Events

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) funding program supports the organization of IGF events at the local, national, regional and global levels, as well as Schools of Internet Governance. The goal of the IGF is to encourage an open and inclusive multi-stakeholder dialogue on policy issues related to Internet governance. The goal of Schools of Internet Governance is to ensure that diverse actors have the skills to participate in Internet governance structures and shape the future of the Internet.

Encryption Day

This funding supports efforts to defend strong encryption through the annual Global Encryption Day and other events. Learn how you can apply for funding for activities that support and celebrate Global Encryption Day 2023.

Internet Infrastructure

Connecting the Unconnected

The Connecting the Unconnected funding program supports communities and local organizations working to build and expand Internet infrastructure for people living in rural, remote, and low-income areas.

Sustainable Peering Infrastructure

The Sustainable Peering Infrastructure funding program supports local communities to build or enhance IXPs and further develop organizations and communities that support peering and interconnection

Sustainable Technical Communities

The Sustainable Technical Communities funding program supports the organization of technical events, in order to enable strong and sustainable technical communities that help the Internet thrive.