Please note that the information on this page pertains to all Internet Society Foundation funding programmes, except for the Beyond the Net programme. For information on the Beyond the Net Small or Beyond the Net Large grants, please consult their individual funding pages.

A core value held by the Internet Society Foundation is transparency. We seek to be transparent in our programmatic decisions, funding choices and interactions with others. To this end, we are providing the below information so that all applicants have a clear understanding of our funding process.

Funding Requirements

Basic requirements applicable to all applicants

In order to receive funding from the Internet Society Foundation, all applicants must meet the following basic requirements. Organizations must:

  • Be legally registered in their country
  • Have an official bank account in their name (based on their legal registration)
  • Be equivalent to a United States public charity (or a “501c3” organization)
    • Before awarding funds to any organization, the Foundation will verify this equivalency.
    • To better understand how this equivalency determination is made, please consult this guidance.

Programme specific requirements

In addition to the meeting the above basic requirements, each funding area has its own unique requirements that reflect the goals and focus areas of that specific programme. We invite you to consult the detailed description of the funding area for which you plan to apply as it contains important details on focus areas and eligibility. Applications that do not meet the individual programme-specific requirements will not be considered for funding, even if they meet the basic requirements listed above.

Application Review Process

To ensure transparency and accountability in our grant making process, the Foundation has assembled an Independent Review Panel (IRP) to review, rate and recommend the received applications for funding.

The IRP is composed of experts and leading practitioners from across a range of Internet-related fields, including development, policy, security, research and innovation.

Once applications have been received and pre-screened by the Foundation team, they are then assigned to members of the IRP for review. Applications will be reviewed by three to five IRP members who will be chosen based on their individual knowledge of the subject matter and/or target country/region. Following their review, the IRP members will recommend which applications should be funded and at what funding level, as well as provide feedback to the applicant which will be compiled and shared by the Foundation. Throughout this process, members of the IRP must adhere to the Foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

Once all applications have been reviewed, the Foundation staff will share the decisions and feedback with each applicant.

The current Independent Review Panel is composed of:

  • Shahid Uddin Akbar
  • Titilayo Akinsanmi
  • Maja Andjelkovic
  • Frederick Baker
  • Mike Blanche
  • Hanane Boujemi
  • Matt Capelli
  • Corinne Cath
  • Matias Centeno
  • Amina Aminu Dorayi
  • Lars Eggert
  • Patrik Fältström
  • John Garrity
  • Robert Guerra
  • Sabry Hamza
  • Jorge Navarro Isla
  • Eric Johnson
  • Sonia Kabir
  • Alexander Kyerematen
  • Marcel Leonardi
  • Dave Lewis
  • Xing Li
  • Alejandro Espinosa Llano
  • Akinori Maemura
  • Alice Munyua
  • Caroline Quijada
  • Paula Côrte Real
  • Karla Georgina Tapia Reyes
  • Juliana Rotich
  • Juan Pablo Ruiz
  • Diana R. Silimperi
  • Yashveer Singh
  • Yousef Torman
  • Beau Tydd
  • Lauren Van Wazer
  • Richard Whitt