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Join Internet Society Foundation Program team members, Shayna and Paige, in exploring the many facets of the Internet and its power as a force for good in the world.

Listen as they copy you in on interviews with experts, thoughtful stories from around the globe, and trending topics about everyday digital life.

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Season Two

Bonus – What is the Internet

21 December 2022

Shayna and Paige interview: Paige’s niece, a few members of Shayna's family, and Christopher Gayle a software engineer at Gizzada Software, a Jamaican start-up, to ask them all the same question, ‘What is the Internet?’

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Joining Forces for Emergency Response to COVID-19

14 December 2022

Shayna and Paige chat about technological scams. Paige interviews Machiel Salomons, the Executive Director of United Way Netherlands, about their project, Joining Forces for Emergency Response to COVID-19. Lastly, a few more of our teammates answer the question, “what is your earliest memory of the Internet?”

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Internet Resiliency in ASEAN & Latin America and the Caribbean

12 December 2022

Shayna and Paige chat about blue light glasses. Our teammate Remy interviews our grantee, Télécoms Sans Frontières, about their Resiliency project. Lastly, a few of our teammates answer the question, “What is your earliest memory of the Internet?”

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Bonus – Resiliency Grantee Disaster Preparedness Project

12 December 2022

Our teammate and Grants Specialist Remy Hellstern chats with NetHope and the Ghana Internet Society Chapter about their Resiliency project, Disaster Preparedness Program located in Ghana, Japan, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

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Self Organised Learning Environment 'SOLE' Lab

11 October 2022

Shayna and Paige meet in person and discuss Beyonce’s song World Wide Woman. Paige talks to Sanjay Fernandes, the founder of SOLE Colombia, and his project with our Building Opportunities/Leveraging Technologies ‘BOLT’ program. Lastly, a few of our teammates: Mabel, Heidi, and Sophie answer the question, what is your earliest memory of the Internet?

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LEO Satellites

22 August 2022

Shayna and Paige talk about the name of the show and more email etiquette. Later, Shayna discusses LEO satellites with Dan York, the Internet Society's Director of Online Content and the 2022 Project Leader for the LEO Satellite project.

BONUS – Research grantee LEO project

22 August 2022

Our teammates Sophie and Su chat with our grantees Joanna Kuelsza, Assistant Professor of International Law and Internet Governance at the University of Lodz, Poland, and Berna Akcali Gur, Visiting Researcher at the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London, about their research project, titled "Global Governance of LEO (low earth orbit) Satellite Broadband".

Episode 1 – Season two trailer!

24 June 2022

Shayna and Paige are back to explore all aspects of the internet and its power as a force for good. Be sure to catch up on season 1 and subscribe for more information about season 2 of Bcc.

Season One

Episode 4 – The cost of exclusion

17 December 2021

Shayna and Paige are joined by their Foundation teammate, Julia Plume, as they discuss daylight savings and UTC. Paige interviews Teddy Woodhouse and Ana María Rodríguez, two researchers on the World Wide Web Foundation's Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) research program, about their new report on the digital gender divide and the monetary costs of excluding women and girls from the Internet.

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Episode 3 – BOLT: Building Opportunities & Leveraging Technology

17 November 2021

Shayna and Paige chat about Wikipedia, coding, and the new BOLT Grant Program at the Internet Society Foundation. Shayna interviews Jessica Clark, the Executive Director of Dot Connector Studio, about the the future of the Internet and who is still not connected in 2030.

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Episode 2 – Lego My Blockchain

17 October 2021

Shayna and Paige talk about who owns emojis and what exactly is a blockchain. Shayna interviews David Johnson, a university lecturer, researcher and grantee of the Internet Society Foundation's Research Program. David, based in Cape Town, South Africa, walks us through a definition of blockchain and discusses his research project titled, Can decentralized blockchain-based economic systems incentivize vulnerable communities to create and grow their own networking infrastructure, services, and content?

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Episode 1 – Zoom University

17 September 2021

Shayna and Paige chat about email signatures, living life online, and more. Paige interviews Dr. Ronda Železný-Green, Internet Society's Global Head of Training and e-Learning, and Diana Mukami, Director of eCampus at Amref Health Africa's Institute of Capacity Development, about teaching and learning on the Internet.

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The team

Shayna Robinson

Shayna Robinson

Program Officer

Shayna Robinson is the Program Officer for the Internet Society Foundation’s Research and Innovation Programs as well as the Emergency Response Grant Program.  She began working with the Foundation in April of 2020.

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Paige Samuels headshot

Paige Samuels

Program Coordinator

Paige Samuels is the Programme Coordinator for the Internet Society Foundation. She began working at the Foundation in May 2021. Prior to joining the Foundation, she was the Research and Program Assistant at American University’s Office of Experiential Learning.

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