Once you have successfully applied for the Chapter and have gone through the review process, you will receive the Internet Society Chapter Charter agreement which outlines the support the Chapter will get from the Internet Society as well as the minimum standards you will need to uphold as an Internet Society Chapter.

Internet Society Chapter Charter Agreement


Chapters who do not meet one or more of the minimum standards will be granted a period of three months to regain the minimum standards level of performance. If after this period of three months the minimum standards level is not regained, the Chapter will be put in ‘Rejuvenation’ for a maximum of 1 year. In this period the Chapter will be asked to take the necessary steps in the lacking areas to level up the standards. During a rejuvenation period, no fellowships or event funding will be available to the chapter.


If after the rejuvenation period the Chapter is not successful in meeting the minimum standards, Internet Society will have the right to withdraw the Chapter’s charter agreement.

In this unfortunate circumstance the organization chartered as Chapter may either disband or continue to operate as an independent organization no longer affiliated with the Internet Society. We only ask that you no longer use the Internet Society IP, the Internet Society materials and Chapter tools.

Should the Chapter dispute the de-chartering decision it has the right to a peer appeal process and a subsequent right to petition the Board of Trustees for a final appeal to retain active status, wherein the decision of the Board of Trustees will be final.