Report Reveals Safety Risks to Students in Technology Used by U.S. Educational Institutions: “Children are among the most vulnerable citizens”

31 May 2023
Students using a computer.

Ensuring the safety and privacy of children and families is of utmost importance, particularly in educational settings where technology has become vital. However, the pervasive impact of technology and its unethical use has been difficult to measure and capture. A recent report published by the Internet Safety Labs and funded by the Internet Society Foundation…

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Making the Internet More Inclusive for Non-English Users: An Interview with Pollicy, a Research Program Grantee

12 May 2023
How to write better grant ptoposals

In a world where a few dominant languages often overshadow others, the Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grant Program supports projects that aim to make the Internet more inclusive. One such project is “Are We Together?” led by Pollicy. This initiative focuses on understanding the impact of languages on digital platforms in East Africa and India.…

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