Claire van Zwieten Headshot

Claire van Zwieten

Alumni Specialist

I manage the Internet Society Alumni Network to nurture and empower an amazing group of knowledgeable Internet leaders ready to actively support our mission. By working with them after graduating from our programs, I will create a culture of togetherness and connectedness to protect the Internet.

My background is in humanitarian aid and crisis management. I have always been interested in how people make-do when options are bleak, and how the resiliency of the human spirit prevails in dark times. I am a strong believer that our neighbors and friends are our best assets, and I enjoy working with different communities to strengthen social ties for future needs.

When I’m not deep in a newspaper or a crossword, I am on a hunt for the best pastries in Amsterdam. Scouring the city for the sweetest treats, I enjoy eating them in the sun with friends. If you find me with a craft beer and a book, know I’m in my happy place.