Ivana Strineka Trbovic

Ivana Strineka-Trbovic

Senior Web Manager

I’m a Senior Web Manager, responsible for the daily operations and development roadmap of the Internet Society websites. I help improve user experience and website performance, making sure our web content is accessible and appealing to a broader audience, while meeting industry best practices and aligning with our organization’s strategy and brand.

A linguist by training and a graduate of Kyoto University in Japan and the University of Belgrade in Serbia, I’m passionate about languages, people’s cultures, and communication channels. While studying in Japan as a Japanese government scholarship recipient, I was surrounded with people from more than 20 different countries. This experience helped me understand that the way we communicate is as essential as what we say. I speak Serbian, English, Japanese, and Bulgarian, read Russian, and know basics of Spanish and French.

When I’m not in the WordPress land of blocks, I spend time with my family, helping my boys studying or playing board games. I enjoy exploring the nature of Serbia, traveling aboard, and swimming.