Julie Auma's headshot

Julie Auma

Fellowships Program Advisor

As Fellowships Program Advisor, it is my privilege to manage the delivery of the mid-career
fellowship program of the Internet Society and relationships with key stakeholders. This
program equips global mid-career Internet champions with the knowledge, skills, and tools to
enable inclusive, innovative, holistic, and strategic leadership.

I am happy to have piloted successful learning programs, built lasting relationships with
changemakers from diverse backgrounds, and supported innovations that serve grassroots
populations. Having previously led a fellowship program and 7+ years of experience in
facilitation, program management, and community service; I use insights learned and
contextual situations to best support our fellowship participants. My life’s purpose is to
support the creation of a positive impact on individuals and communities.

I’m based in Nairobi, Kenya, and when I am not working, you will find me on my yoga mat or
enjoying a good book or series in the warm sunshine.