In Kenya, Helping Kids Use the Internet Responsibly

9 September 2019
Man looking at mobile phone

A recent survey on how children use the Internet, included some surprises. “Safe Online, Safe On Land” addresses some of these issues.

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Access to Quality Education in Paraguay

26 July 2019

Colegio Técnico Nacional (CTN), a secondary school located in Asunción, is one of the top schools in Paraguay offering the technical baccalaureate.

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Contributing to a Better Policy Environment in Nepal

3 June 2019
Four nepalese men at a table working on laptops

Recently, the Federal Parliament of Nepal introduced two pieces of legislation: the Individual Privacy bill, which deals with online privacy and data protection, and the Information Technology bill, which aims to replace the existing Electronic Transaction Act and has a broad scope.

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Testing Drones for Post-Disaster Operations in the Philippines

14 May 2019
Drone flying in front of a mountain range

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – more commonly known as drones – can be a powerful tool to speed up the post-disaster assessment process.

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The Zaria Community Network and Culture Hub

8 May 2019

When providing reliable broadband networks in rural areas is not sustainable for commercial operators, the Community Network model can provide an individual-centered Internet, deployed and operated by citizens to meet their own communication needs.

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Kazakh Women in Cybersecurity

25 April 2019
Woman presenting on cyber weaponisation

How can we increase the number of women working in cybersecurity? According to a 2013 report, women represented just 11% of the global cybersecurity workforce. That number may be rising, but women are still woefully underrepresented.

The Internet Society Kazakhstan Almaty Chapter has a solution.

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Deploying the World’s Southernmost IXPs to Benefit 350,000 People

17 April 2019
Ushuaia, Argentina - view from the sea

Improving the Internet’s technical conditions is an ambitious challenge. It’s an even greater challenge in one of the ten countries in the world with the greatest geographical scope. Internet Exchange Points (IXP) offer a solution. In Argentina, IXPs have been built since 2008, where they’ve covered the major cities. Now they’re extending their scope to reach remote locations.

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In Lebanon, Creating a Better Internet for Everyone

5 April 2019
Man standing above valley in Lebanon with water reservoirs below

Today, we read about advancements in technology, including terraforming Mars – yet more than half of the world is still without a proper Internet connection.

It’s not just developing nations that lack access. Rural areas are affected, too.

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Digital Learning Project Offsets Teacher, Text Book Shortages in Kyrgyzstan

13 February 2019
Two men standing on road in Kyrgyzstan in front of a mountain range

Kyrgyzstan’s educational system, devastated by the post-Soviet shift in 1991 to a free market economy, continues to suffer from a severe shortage of qualified teachers and modern text books. Alarmed by this shortage, Internet Society Kyrgyzstan Chapter member and engineer Erjigit Imamov created a prototype of an inexpensive microcomputer that could be safely used by…

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Education Campaign Curbs Digital Violence Against Barbadian Women and Girls

13 February 2019
Event photographs of attendees of Combatting Online Abuse through Research and Education

Women are 27 times more likely to be victims of cyber violence than men, according to a 2015 report by the UN Broadband Commission. “Millions of women and girls around the world are subjected to deliberate violence because of their gender,” notes the report. “Violence against women and girls knows no boundaries, cutting across borders,…

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