What to expect

MariamMariam: "This module provides all the templates and resources mentioned throughout the grant application guidance in one place."

Guidance Modules


Module 1: Design Your Project
• Develop a problem statement
• Establish a theory of change
• Set goals and activities

Module 2: Define Measurements and Costs
• Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Budgeting best practices

Module 3: Finish Your Grant Application
• Consider the sustainability of your project
• Write your project narrative

Module 4: Project Implementation
• Integrating Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)
• Communications and End of Project Reporting

Download Templates and Resources

Module 1 - Design Your Project


Reflection Session – Develop A Problem Statement

Template to be used to develop a description of the problem that the project is seeking to address


Problem Tree

Template to be used to explore a problem, where you map the consequences of this initial problem as the leaves and branches and the causes of your problem are the roots.


Reflection Session – Develop a Project Goal

Template to be used by a group to help develop a goal for your project.


Logic Model Template

Template to be used to map out how the project will make or contribute to the changes outlined in your theory of change.

Module 2 - Define Measurements and Costs


Developing A Detailed Project Budget

Guidance on how to complete a project budget.


KPI Tracking Table (KPITT) Template

Template to be used to organize and track measurement indicators.


Types of Key Performance Indicators

Guidance on how to develop the three main types of indicators that help measure impact: Inputs, Outputs and Outcomes.

Module 3 - Finish Your Grant Application


Data Collection Techniques

Guidance on how to gather project data that will be used in reporting on your project.


Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Plan Template

Template to be used in order to track how, when and by whom the indicators will be measured.

Module 4 - Project Implementation


Reflection Session – Evaluation Prompts

Template to be used by team members to reflect on what occurred and integrate lessons learned (can be combined with the Learning Prompts)


Reflection Session – Learning Prompts

Template to be used at regular opportunities for team members to reflect on, and integrate lessons gained from data collection and analysis efforts to continue improving the project (can be combined with the Evaluation Prompts)